I am Kevin Kwashnak and I am running for Superior Court Judge for the Southwestern Judicial Circuit.

I am currently working as an assistant public defender for the Office of the Circuit Public Defender for the Southwestern Judicial Circuit. I left my clerkship position to take this job. I have been working at the office since October of 2004, discount cialis   before the office officially opened in January of 2005, in order to help make sure that everything was up to speed before we opened the door and represented our first indigent client. Since the office opened,  I have represented clients in all six counties of the Southwestern Judicial Circuit. I have handled all manners of cases, from traffic offenses to murder trials.

Many people make all sorts of assumptions about public defenders, even though every public defender is different and does this job for different reasons. I view my job as getting my client the best outcome for their case. I review all my cases and hold the state’s feet to the fire. If they wish to convict my client, they need to show that they did everything properly and followed the rules in preparing their case. They shouldn’t be allowed to bend the rules in order to convict my client of bending the rules. Most times, when people hear about a case being thrown out on a “technicality,” it actually means that someone somewhere in the process failed to follow procedure and decided to take a shortcut in their work. No one should face punishment for someone taking a shortcut. If the state wants to convict my client, they have to show that they have the properly obtained evidence to do so. That is my job.

One truth I have learned throughout all the cases I have handled is that each case is more than just a set of facts. Each case, whether criminal or civil, involved real people facing real issues. Each person deserves to be treated with dignity and respect, whether plaintiff, defendant, witness, or victim.