The Court Shared the Inheritance under the Law of 1925

The reason for the trial was the sudden death of 79-year-old John and 69-year-old Ann Scarle, who had children from previous marriages, reports The Telegraph. In October 2016, the couple was found dead in their private home in Essex, a few days after the 26th wedding anniversary. John’s body was found in the living room, and Ann in the bathroom. They lay there for at least several days. Due to the temperature difference in the rooms, the experts were not able to establish the exact time and also the specific date of death of each spouse. An autopsy showed that both suffered from diseases that could be fatal at their age. Hypothermia was declared the official cause of death.

Two stepsisters Anna Winter and Devora Cutler are suing for the inheritance, the main asset of which was a house worth £280,000. Winter insisted that her stepmother died first, therefore, her own father, while remaining alive for a short time, “technically” became the heir to the real estate. On this basis, she demanded the transfer of ownership of the property to her. As evidence, Winter’s lawyers referred to data from experts who, having studied the degree of decomposition of the bodies, cautiously suggested such a version.

In turn, Cutler and her lawyers suggested that the court, when resolving the dispute, take advantage of the article from the Property Law of 1925 regarding the “simultaneous death” of property owners. It states that if it is not possible to establish the order of death, a younger person should be considered longer living.

The High Court of England and Wales ruled in favor of Cutler. Judge Philippe Kramer agreed that the degree of decomposition of the bodies due to the different microclimate in the rooms where the spouses were found was not reliable evidence of the order of death. In this regard, the judge applied the provisions of the 1925 law. According to the court, Winter, having lost the dispute, will have to pay the legal costs incurred by both parties, which amounted to at least £150,000.

The Telegraph noted that courts in the UK applied the article on the “simultaneous death” of owners only three times when making decisions – in 1940, 1958 and 1963.

In the United States, People Demand the Abolition of the Law Obliging Women to Become Managers

According to the law, in early 2020, managers of companies whose shares are freely traded in the state-based labor market should have at least one woman. By the end of 2021, there should be about half of them, while companies that don’t comply with the rule will be charged a fine of $100 thousand.

Judicial Watch filed a lawsuit because the gender quota law violates the constitution and runs counter to federal and state laws.

By the way, California was the first state to introduce such a law. Its text states: the presence of women among managers can contribute to the development of the economy in California, the emergence of new opportunities in the professional field for single women online.